Dogman License – An Overview

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If you are interested to engage in a career that involved construction or cranes, then the job title dogman will suit you. In order to get involved in this specific field you require a license. Here is what you need to know about being a dogman.


A dogman is a person who is involved in dogging Adelaide. This involves moving a load, the techniques used to do that specific task, operating a crane. Ever noticed how crane movements involves specific personnel? Well, they are guided and directed by dogmen. They are specially trained to do this job and they have a specific license. This will assure you that they are well qualified to be given this specific job title. 


Who are the people who need this specific license? Just like a good health and safety representative anyone who is given the job title dogman or is involved in any form of dogging are given a specific license. The reason for this is that in order to safely handle a crane and loads you need to have a certain understanding. That is why dolmen are given a special training where they will be taught about certain subjects like gravity, mass, nature of loads and so on.


What is the time period when you should undergo a dogman course? The simple answer for this question would be before any form of dogman activity. If you are to handle loads, direct them, operate a crane you require a special training and a special understanding. For this you need to complete the dogman course. Generally, at least 75% of the workers at construction sites have a dogman ticket. This clearly indicates that this specific field requires a special qualification.


A dogman training is quite different to other forms of training. You will require a special form of equipment known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With this you can participate in the program. Usually this form of training requires long hours of work atlas 5 days a week. This will include both practical and theory lessons where you will be given thorough information on each subject and term. The training which you have to undergo during a dogman course wont be paused or stopped due to certain obstacles. In fact, you will be given different forms of gear and wear to help you during obstacles such as rain.